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Start Young in Teaching Compassion to Animals

Below are a few links to the game for children “Toca Pet Doctor.” In this game there are a bunch of animals that are waiting for their turn to be helped at the veterinarian’s office. What happened to them?

I have personally used this game in computer classes that I teach to preschoolers. The children love helping them! I love using this game as an opportunity to discuss caring for animals. We talked about how these animals may have gotten hurt, how this makes them feel, and how it could have been prevented. For example there is a bird who’s foot is stuck in gum. We discussed how if someone would not have thrown their gum on the ground (littering), the bird would not have gotten stuck in it. Then we discussed how gum should be thrown in the garbage.

After the children play “veterinarian” and help the animals, the animals are given treats the children can feed to them. This teaches them about which foods each type of animal eats.

For a pretty straight forward game that’s not hard to figure out, there are so many teachable moments in it! Most of all “Caring for Animals.” After all, they are feeling beings that get sick and hurt just like we do!

Toca Pet Doctor (iTunes)

Toca Pet Doctor (Google Play)